who i am


Hedda joined The Texas Advanced Computing Center in October 2008 and is responsible for redesigning and maintaining the TACC website, as well as other project sites including DesignSafe-CI. In addition to creating sites/pages, she is also in charge of various design and print projects such as conference posters and HTML Email creation/distribution.

Hedda previously served as the Online Communications Coordinator for the University of Florida's Levin College of Law, where she managed the Website, online magazine, and other online projects. Hedda has also been published in a variety of print and online publications as a freelance journalist.

*The use of 3rd person is an attempt at detached professionalism, not a sign of disdain.

Outside of the Office...

I like live music. A lot. If I had my way, I would be at a show every night (but only if I could bring my dogs). I live in the fair city of Austin, TX, which is perfect for my music-loving proclivities. I love my job, and I have some of the best co-workers imaginable. My professional contentment is clearly reflected in the neglect of this website - which used to be an elaborate online web portfolio, and now isn't even responsive (which I admit hurts my face a bit).

Other fun facts about me – are you seriously still reading this?? – include an obsession with books (reading & collecting), and taking care of broken animals. I foster for Pug Rescue of Austin, though my fostering days have slowed down due to an ailing old man dog (Dudley is 15-years-old and still fighting!), and a foster turned permanent family member (Wolfie just wouldn't leave). If you want to follow along with my pups, I try to update Hedda's Hounds whenever they are exceptionally cute.

If you're jonesing to read more about me, here is a recent online profile for your viewing pleasure.